Yogananda No Slouch!

Three THINGS Kriya Yogis Should Understand

  1. P. Yogananda died higher than fifth notch Mahasamadhi it was Jeeva a truly conscious exit….meaning TIMELY
  2. P. Yogananda DID have girlfriends BOTH at Biltmore Hotel, and the Ashram he DID NOT MARRY….HE DID NOT HAVE children but did HAVE sexual relations
  3. P. Yogananda DID NOT eat much EGG but did eat Vegan and Dairy

IN REtrospect….

  1. The Sohamahos is Immortal but will die! Note dying is not not immortality…Immortality can resurrect. Deathless Live ETERNALLY….The Sohamahs will take LIVES again….BUT could be Deathless.
  2. The Sohamahos has DATED and had sex!!! wow eh….Yoga is more than penance and more than restrictions….The Sohamahos does SELF REALIZATION for PEOPLE and could take disciples through Nirvikalapa rarely into Samadhi called erroneously SORUBA.
  3. The Sohamahos did a 21day water fast (Yogananda did as well!) The Sohamahos drinks coffee rarely teas, water this is his beverages. The Sohamahos does not fail to miss a meal often and while this sounds wrong The Sohamahos is a laborer, family member, alchemist and initiator of those aspiring for Immortality.