Understanding The Immortalist Kriya Yoga

Understanding the Immortalist Kriya Yoga

Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

Reverse Order.

1. Khecary Mudra: Opens the throat notch. Through this you will become a siddha.

2. Heart notch: opening this and you will understand the limitations of immortality.

3. Navel Notch: Be less reliant on foods. one should lessen meat and some forms of vegetables.

4. Sacral Notch: Limit desires that limit the function of remaining desire to be formless spirit or formed immortal/deathless.

5. Coccxy: All you to become light body that teleports, bilocates or levitates (the begining of becoming a master).

Then Back Up:

6. Sacral: eliminates desire for sexual intercourse

7. Navel: Eliminate a greater need for liquids and most foods.

8. Heart: Understand that one is not immortal until he/she has left earth moving to siddha lokha

9. Throat: Eliminate remaining desires and you’ve become a Master

10. Third Eye: Becoming a Arcarya of Lord that guides you

11. Crown Notch: Become a lord over others…one that is able to subjugate and control many people at the same time.