Three “Failures” People Missed When Reading Autobiography Yogi and Studying Satchidanandas’ Kriya Yoga

  1. Progression MEANS Dedication
  2. Third Eye Meditation Is NOT SIMPLE
  3. Hatha is only the SECOND limb proper of Yoga

FAILURE to recognize..(backwards!)

THAT HATHA SAMADHIS brings you to…..pranayama Samadhis (etc!) right up to Yoganandas et al Kaivalya the breathless state of conscious LINK to Brahman/Tao/Godhead/Holy Spirit or Source….called the Nameless to Jews or HIghest Bitch to Sciences Non Religious (Note its Not and Alien!!! please understand that simplicity!)

Third Eye Meditation is HIGHER than Hatha, which is lower than pranayam!

Dedication to ALL Kriyas! Of which there are over 362 true Kriyas (Level 4-7) you will understand……means to MOVE into HIGHER STATES.