The System of Deathless and Comparison To Immortality

The System That Is
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How fake do you want it? How real can you disbelive it?
Get the point? If not let us read one statement at a time.

Is allah real? Or is Holy spirit real? Ask it to pick up your water bottle…can it do that?
Okay so how real can you disbelive it? That ALLAH THE POWER SOURCE WHICH IS TAO will not destroy you…should you think this….

Given that are you ready to be not immortal…but NOPE not theoretically deathless but DEATHLESS…this meaning you don’t just think you have a spirit…you are the spirit…then beyond not think you will not die…but have a non-decaying mind…and beyond that a physical (do remember spirit, mind, body) form that is NOPE not even resurrected like JESUS (unless he did not die on that cross…BUT THEN WHAT OF THOSE SINS…sometimes better for you to believe you can become immmortal and higher still deathless BUT are not BETTER than JESUS because he died! this an ego kill function to deathlessness aspects of functionality….

In this way you yourself as spirit, mind, AND BODY that is made not immortal but NON decaying and able to TRANSMUTATE to other shapes…as a shape shifter could (see this guide shortly) you will be deathless! Then test allal alla allah BUT again watch it…haha you may get something…

Heck okay test holy spirit, and tao, and brahman, and source and yhwh….but do be prepared!

The Sohamahos
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