The Sohamahos Wins!

Yet again….The Sohamahos shames those who’ve shamed him.

  1. Godself Has Been Realized….those saying there is none…..way obsolete
  2. Spirit Has Been “witnessed” and others HAVE understood
  3. Grammar is intelligent MORE SO….Mike Litman agrees MOVE FORWARD
  4. Success is NOT wealth while WEALTH could be MADE
  5. Immortality MEANS! one of Humanities RARE specification THAT GOES on til end
  6. NO more is NEEDED…unless you think your dogmatic ways are right….then The Sohamahos laughs all the harder!
  7. To think THERE is Absence of INTELLIGENCE that ALLOWS design to SUSTAIN…ah you fool NOTHING short of Jesus being forced to RESURRECT my family as immortals will ALLOW you to become realized. And should you think you can find a way….haha Lucifer will damn you!