Systems of Intellect Enhancements

Systems of Intellect Enhancements
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The nature of intellect is generally expressed as within the confines of the mind…THAT volume 1

  1. We know from that guide the mind is not confined to the brain, or even head…as miserable as this sounds…to have to learn the nature of additions to say abundances; the wealth, siddhis, intellect growth (compounding), domains, enlightenement, and even beauty…that I explain as abundance…or things such as explained through the recent manuals or pamfletes are that even such things like the roles of householder, tantrica, alchemist and such (see that seven principled guide also on AMAZON), among other things that are also not dependent on the nature of say being within the brain…..and this showing you that thoughts are more than axons and such…and that to mix these through the nature of understanding that thoughts are things, as Proctor says, and now you understand why…so that the mixing of say wealth to enhance intellect, or intellect to enhance tantrica…could all be “expanded upon”
  2. In that way the way to use money or wealth as explained weeks ago in emanuals could be enhanced…to enhance intellect the intellect that is enhanced many think through nutrition of feeding the brain, BUT globally could be things like spending on ME to do the yogas for you…so you now have time to go to work and enhance that so I through yogas feed the intellect that is a clearing response…I’ve tested this in ways of beauty and know it works..also in fashions of fame, and in support of finding correctly placed jobs, music lyrics to support functions of self and others…these some basics….

MEANING as we enhance each other, much like me FEEDING Babaji gold, should you decide to GIVE me consultation time (and a system of exchange) I will affect, teach, guide, tantra with (this given partner/none at present agree etc) and such othere valuable systems….these enhancement could also be multiplied by my guru(s)….and even should you want to teach me something could be a reversal (for money or else wise systemwise)…

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