2023 Week 1 Jan.1-Jan.8

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The Sohamahos will INITIATE MANY LEVELS of Conscious States! None will help if you teach others. It is not about wealth….it is because of your level of consciousness. All should understand metaphysics is HOW THE MIND affects MATTER! love, surrender and oaths…..very few would want to be a true guru.


The Sohamahos instructs seven natures….(I) Kriya (2) Applied Kinesiology (3) Veganism (4) Partnership Tantras (5) Liberation From Human Life (6) Channeling (7) Spiritual Billionaire Mindset TM.

Jan 8th 2023,

Women I do not know……males I understand. Females can try….but I know….MINDS are IN both. Samadhi should be same…but ANATOMY is DIFFERENT!!! I do know physiology, anatomy and these are the two primary SYSTEMS that differ.