Life Coaching Session


eMAIL solutions….to ANYTHING THE SOHAMAHOS teaches….

  1. Yogas
  2. Health
  3. Applied Kinesiology and Conscious Healing
  4. Seminars He’s Taught
  5. Books He Wrote/Could Article For You
  6. Tantras
  7. Veganism and Vegetarian
  8. Telepathy and Samadhi Progression
  9. Kriya and Mudras
  10. Immortality and Level Four Yogas
  11. Billionaire Mindset and Wealth Streams TM
  12. Self Testing
  13. Food Restrictions and Sensitivity Noticing
  14. Chiropractic and Shortcuts For Naturopaths/Chiros and rarely MDs
  15. Lifecoaching for Families That Want Abundance
  16. Coaching On Budgeting For Wealth Independence Formulations
  17. Numerology as Abundance Systems
  18. Getting Going In Any of Above
  19. Pranayam, and Understanding Samadhi
  20. Basic Cosmogensis and Understanding Yoganandas “Play”
  21. Guru and Disciple Dynamics
  22. Laws of Self Testing and

THREE SUPER BONUSES!!! with one desire to serve others!

A) Lottery Basics