Factors of Success (Beauty) Enhancements

Factors of Success (Beauty) Enhancements
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  1. Given the previous guide on Factors fo Success (Beauty)

To ENHANCE the function the following ideas need to resonate..
a) using terms like beauty, gorgoeus, sexy, hottie, phenom!, goddess/god, sex machine…enhanced, auric, powerful, and THIS one COMPETETIVE all enhance…function…

SO the last…that nature of suggesting to your mind YOU can COMPETE…this the foundation of SUCCESS which is beauty..
a) competing sure with those you value as less attractive, have smaller breast or saggier hips, etc…this given for most people.
b) BUT what about those who are slightly “higher” SOME say yeah I can compete…while others shy away…again this shying away is a mental limitation it decreases the functional assist as taught in guide one!
c) And could you exist in a surrounding of say supermodel or THOSE celbs functions at say a party of theirs given you are a friend or guest?

SO the limitation could be an enhancement this created by a mind control process (taught in volume 1) that GIVEN this new principle becomes
reflective of things such as: YES I can compete…and should you hesistate in the mind or shy away then you know it has to be cleared or is then going to send that signal to the wrong place!

REMEMBER that your mind sends and receives…if you are sending an uncomfortable message that you are less than anothers beauty then you are creating that…both to your body and higher still to others….remember the process is conscious!

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