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Your Life Ends….Humanity Will End AD 2023 plus 1,637 YEARS or 3,660 Date Changes….your mind is so friging weak!

Yes it is a play…..yes it is NOT my play…..yes I am a immortal. No….I am not going to prove I will die…Yes I will kill you if you try killing me…yes people will and for centuries DROPPED trying to kill yogis. Nothing short of anything will be done to prevent that. See greed, glutton, […]

The Complete Chakra System Updates (Donations Please!)

The Complete Chakras SystemCondensed But New AdditionsBy The SohamahosThree new additions….Total Picture of Chakras as Minor Siddhis ListHow To Attain Siddhis In PracticeNew Insight Into How Siddhis Are DevelopedA) Chakrasa) SEVEN NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT INSIGHTS! IT will SHAPE CHAKRAS forETERNITY!B) NomenclatureC) Activation To UseabilityD) Siddhis Groupings SevenE) Extradimensional BONUSES!!! Some know some already BUT!!F) Three […]

Chakras And Siddhis eCourse

Chakras And Siddhis eCourseby The Sohamahos Chakra 1: Balance/GroudingChakra 2: Duality/AurasChakra 3: Digestion/Ego KillChakra 4: Body/Heart/HealingChakra 5: ExpressionChakra 6: Insight/SiddhisChakra 7: Enlightenment/Cosmogenesis/Creation Where 1:1 would be grouding to earthWhere 1:3 would be Grounding of Bodies…called HypnosisWhere 1:6 would be grouding siddhi Channeling/telepathywhere 3:1 would be ego kill/groudingWhere 3:3 would be full ego killWhere 3:6 would […]