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The System of Deathless and Comparison To Immortality

The System That IsCopyright 2018-The Sohamahos How fake do you want it? How real can you disbelive it?Get the point? If not let us read one statement at a time. Is allah real? Or is Holy spirit real? Ask it to pick up your water bottle…can it do that?Okay so how real can you disbelive […]

Systems of Intellect Enhancements

Systems of Intellect EnhancementsCopyright 2018-The Sohamahos The nature of intellect is generally expressed as within the confines of the mind…THAT volume 1 MEANING as we enhance each other, much like me FEEDING Babaji gold, should you decide to GIVE me consultation time (and a system of exchange) I will affect, teach, guide, tantra with (this […]

The Tantra of Love

The Tantra of LoveCopyright 2018-The Sohamahos How does one express nature of love…Babaji difficult words to explain the nature of it’s difficulty to express…calling it a nature of non-explicity… I explain it as creative…enhancing, dynamic and “thourough” BUT never complete! What does these adjectives suggest given the dynamic of love? WHY The Sohamahoswww.sohamahos.comMeaning THAT I […]

Factors of Success (Beauty) Enhancements

Factors of Success (Beauty) EnhancementsCopyright 2018-The Sohamahos To ENHANCE the function the following ideas need to resonate..a) using terms like beauty, gorgoeus, sexy, hottie, phenom!, goddess/god, sex machine…enhanced, auric, powerful, and THIS one COMPETETIVE all enhance…function… SO the last…that nature of suggesting to your mind YOU can COMPETE…this the foundation of SUCCESS which is beauty..a) […]

Compounding Siddhis For Functionality

Compounding Siddhis For FunctionalityCopyright 2018-The Sohamahos In the wake of understanding why you’d want to develop siddhis, it may also be said that you would want to understand first what a siddhi is.. Those guides quite a bit past from what you may have jumped into here recently as uploads on AMAZON through releases as […]