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Understanding The Immortalist Kriya Yoga

Understanding the Immortalist Kriya Yoga Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn Reverse Order. 1. Khecary Mudra: Opens the throat notch. Through this you will become a siddha. 2. Heart notch: opening this and you will understand the limitations of immortality. 3. Navel Notch: Be less reliant on foods. one should lessen meat and some forms of vegetables. […]

The System of Deathless and Comparison To Immortality

The System That IsCopyright 2018-The Sohamahos How fake do you want it? How real can you disbelive it?Get the point? If not let us read one statement at a time. Is allah real? Or is Holy spirit real? Ask it to pick up your water bottle…can it do that?Okay so how real can you disbelive […]

Your Life Ends….Humanity Will End AD 2023 plus 1,637 YEARS or 3,660 Date Changes….your mind is so friging weak!

Yes it is a play…..yes it is NOT my play…..yes I am a immortal. No….I am not going to prove I will die…Yes I will kill you if you try killing me…yes people will and for centuries DROPPED trying to kill yogis. Nothing short of anything will be done to prevent that. See greed, glutton, […]

8 Yoga Siddhis Principles (Soft Donation) [email protected] or on our site

Here is SOMETHING!!! that sharpens the mind (donation soft as you will already see!) Chakras 1 Grounding Chakras 2 Polarity/Duality Chakras 3 Body/Digestion Chakras 4 Consciousness Chakras 5 Expression Chakras 6 Siddhis Chakras 7 Cosmogenesis/Enlightenments/Sources BUT NOW 1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 3/1, 3/3, 3/6, 6/1, 6/3, 6/6 So…. 1/1 GROUNDING-GROUNDING…or 1/3 Grounding/Body 1/6 Grounding/Siddhis 3/1 Body/Grounding […]