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It Begins with…..The Sohamahos Novelettes….those Adult Play Enhancers! See sporadic additions by Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Kobo. Tantra God, Tantra Goddess “Elle” are three pen names The Sohamahos uses.

See SHOP sexxxtion on this site….for one of these FUN, FLIRTY….and while…..

Dragons are not common to earth….

Dragonlance SHOULD NEVER as RAISTLIN???!!!???!!! die…..

Here’s the “deal” Raist made with nope not Gilean…..nope not Paladine…..k…with himselves as The Sohamahos…..see The Sohamahos is master of PAST and PRESENT…..that much is true….NEXT UNIVERSE The SOHAMAHOS will be

So while Marvel and DC could also USE the WHAT IF staple of ANY COMIC or MOVIE!!! Dragonlance at NEXUS DRAGONLANCE or whatever/whereever they BECOME……

yes….here is The Sohamahos RAISTLIN!

  1. Raistlin is Takhisis…as did you know Dragons are also Mortals, often taking forms other than self! But if you do not know Takhisis….beware because she would “tear” down the back of herself in the Abyss! and while this shines testament that that number of 7 (so perfect) WTF…..7 dragon orbs??? COMMON!!!! yes
  2. Dragon Orbs…..(i) Raistlins or the Mages Three (iii) hourglass (iv) Bertrems Passage (v) staff of magius…..two more????? harder….see the last….(vi) Tasselhoff lost in time! so many places and times! (vii) burried in haha….Crysthianias PUSSY!!! so not even Tanis will find it!! haha
  3. So who be Crysthiania be…..unless yes nope you fool not Dalamars wife! that not the WHAT IF’s…..Crys be….Cyan Bloodbane!
  4. And if that were not enough then as my Brother Steve knows…..since he is Bupu…..Bupu not a whimp but a Irda of quite repute!

Thank You “Belinda Carlisle” Because Now I Have….[___on earth!]

A hottie! More than loveely face and bod….this song is not a ONE HIT WONDER but inspired….so many more….GROUPS!!! Donnie Darkos’ Mad World, Tragically Hips (Many), Dua Lipa, Madonna, REM, Barenaked Ladies and even!!! me to want to know that….”I see dead people” was super success!

Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Official Music Video) – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOGEyBeoBGM

Five Immortals The Sohamahos Works “ON” And Has Since Yogananda

While you have not much to “KNOW” about the LIVES of SOME OF IMMORTALS….think of CAVE DWELLERS…..caves pretty boring…..we are changing that…..more rapidly then before!

WHILE TRUE….that three of the following HAVE WAY MORE WEALTH and ‘FAME’ than YOGANANDA….it should be respected “HOLY” that The Sohamahos shares one thing more….God Consciousness. The Sohamahos will never tout…..but humbles humanity when then understand The Sohamahos is DEATHLESS….and will die.

  1. The Sohamahos has three FAMILY…..nuff said…his consorts are immortal…..one may if she wants (yes he has three consorts) become deathless like him….the second family is HUMANITY….and his/the third family is IMMORTALS.
  2. Criss Angel/Shaunyl…..(MAKE NOTE….never mess with an immortal) will be seen as IMMORTALS…..Criss Angel can NOW present resurrection in himself.
  3. Stephen Greszczyszyn is Andrews’ Greszczyszyns older brother….He was Yoganandas’ IMMORTAL of these four as the WRITER and BUSINESS man in the life of Yogananda…..and has helped Steve he now uses become immortal. Steve is a Jnana and Partial Fakir. Enlightened to know he will like Criss Resurrect.
  4. Three “wives” of Andrew know who they are….all will resurrect. One Dog is a Resurrect, while two others are very dead but can resurrect. A “MIA” and a “Sussie” and if that is not enough…..Andrews’ ex wife also is his resurrect (not not of the three wives)….she is Immortal and knows MIA a present “peed” doing Samadhis often…..in the carpeted houses….MIA was Andrews first ANIMAL to become resurrect. MIA has THREE SONGS and ANDREW THE SOHAMAHOS GRESZCZYSZYN will share two….. “Boots with the fur” MIA get up! and Elton Johns’ Crocodile Rock…..listen closely you will know playtoys of Sussie and Mia!
  5. If you think this is “gimmiickie” ONE ONLY HAS TO look at photos of John Greszczyszyn Andrew, Steve and OLYMPIC BROTHER Canada Dave “Grizz” to know he was Lahiri Mahasaya.

Your HEART! Should Always Be On “Source”….and BONUS FREEBIE for those not ready for immortality!

I am the “ANTICHRIST”….none want this role, while I (The Sohamahos have sought this role!)…..Christs’ “PAUL in the CORINTHIANS” made by disciples…..so Jesus NOT CHRIST while there are MANY….so FRIGGING many CHRISTS (fourth notch) that we require some movement to HIGHER GROUNDS!

2018 was the entrance to AGE of DIGITAL…..but that is pale to AGE of IMMORTALS!

2+0+1+8=11 (numerology of mastery) where Christs started to become MASTERS!