The System of Deathless and Comparison To Immortality

The System That Is
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How fake do you want it? How real can you disbelive it?
Get the point? If not let us read one statement at a time.

Is allah real? Or is Holy spirit real? Ask it to pick up your water bottle…can it do that?
Okay so how real can you disbelive it? That ALLAH THE POWER SOURCE WHICH IS TAO will not destroy you…should you think this….

Given that are you ready to be not immortal…but NOPE not theoretically deathless but DEATHLESS…this meaning you don’t just think you have a spirit…you are the spirit…then beyond not think you will not die…but have a non-decaying mind…and beyond that a physical (do remember spirit, mind, body) form that is NOPE not even resurrected like JESUS (unless he did not die on that cross…BUT THEN WHAT OF THOSE SINS…sometimes better for you to believe you can become immmortal and higher still deathless BUT are not BETTER than JESUS because he died! this an ego kill function to deathlessness aspects of functionality….

In this way you yourself as spirit, mind, AND BODY that is made not immortal but NON decaying and able to TRANSMUTATE to other shapes…as a shape shifter could (see this guide shortly) you will be deathless! Then test allal alla allah BUT again watch it…haha you may get something…

Heck okay test holy spirit, and tao, and brahman, and source and yhwh….but do be prepared!

The Sohamahos
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Systems of Intellect Enhancements

Systems of Intellect Enhancements
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The nature of intellect is generally expressed as within the confines of the mind…THAT volume 1

  1. We know from that guide the mind is not confined to the brain, or even head…as miserable as this sounds…to have to learn the nature of additions to say abundances; the wealth, siddhis, intellect growth (compounding), domains, enlightenement, and even beauty…that I explain as abundance…or things such as explained through the recent manuals or pamfletes are that even such things like the roles of householder, tantrica, alchemist and such (see that seven principled guide also on AMAZON), among other things that are also not dependent on the nature of say being within the brain…..and this showing you that thoughts are more than axons and such…and that to mix these through the nature of understanding that thoughts are things, as Proctor says, and now you understand why…so that the mixing of say wealth to enhance intellect, or intellect to enhance tantrica…could all be “expanded upon”
  2. In that way the way to use money or wealth as explained weeks ago in emanuals could be enhanced…to enhance intellect the intellect that is enhanced many think through nutrition of feeding the brain, BUT globally could be things like spending on ME to do the yogas for you…so you now have time to go to work and enhance that so I through yogas feed the intellect that is a clearing response…I’ve tested this in ways of beauty and know it works..also in fashions of fame, and in support of finding correctly placed jobs, music lyrics to support functions of self and others…these some basics….

MEANING as we enhance each other, much like me FEEDING Babaji gold, should you decide to GIVE me consultation time (and a system of exchange) I will affect, teach, guide, tantra with (this given partner/none at present agree etc) and such othere valuable systems….these enhancement could also be multiplied by my guru(s)….and even should you want to teach me something could be a reversal (for money or else wise systemwise)…

The Sohamahos
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A reflection of union through Omnipresence

The Tantra of Love

The Tantra of Love
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos

How does one express nature of love…
Babaji difficult words to explain the nature of it’s difficulty to express…calling it a nature of non-explicity…

I explain it as creative…enhancing, dynamic and “thourough” BUT never complete!

What does these adjectives suggest given the dynamic of love?

  1. Creative…either male, female or male male or evem female female…as some examples…
    -but that creativity is enhancing if it is real…and not a statement of statements!
    -as a dynamic this means you BOTH work together to enhance the couple…
    -as thourough as it needs to be, but for shits and giggles…how thourough would it be to say it is dynamic when both engage, both respond both enhance and finally both create…creation of business, wealth, beauty, fame, domains, siddhis, intellect and even enlightenement….or could you too as I’ve with shakti experiences of Tantras coupled through energetic means to thouroughly be dynamic at enhancing the creative nature of a galaxay (see birth of the galaxy eManaual on this tantric experience)…BUT…to complete the system of creativity, ehancing and dynamics that MAKE love complete
  2. The Tantric Partnership when Unified and complete is a balancing of both Yin and YANG and Yang and YIN, where at the heights levels the YIN/is yang and the YANG is yin….the a completion, thourough to the level of beign dynamic, and enhacing as well as creative…that for SURE (I mean the male as a female and female as a male) BUT still NOT COMPLETE…


The Sohamahos
Meaning THAT I AM | Am I THAT
A reflection of union through Omnipresence

Factors of Success (Beauty) Enhancements

Factors of Success (Beauty) Enhancements
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos

  1. Given the previous guide on Factors fo Success (Beauty)

To ENHANCE the function the following ideas need to resonate..
a) using terms like beauty, gorgoeus, sexy, hottie, phenom!, goddess/god, sex machine…enhanced, auric, powerful, and THIS one COMPETETIVE all enhance…function…

SO the last…that nature of suggesting to your mind YOU can COMPETE…this the foundation of SUCCESS which is beauty..
a) competing sure with those you value as less attractive, have smaller breast or saggier hips, etc…this given for most people.
b) BUT what about those who are slightly “higher” SOME say yeah I can compete…while others shy away…again this shying away is a mental limitation it decreases the functional assist as taught in guide one!
c) And could you exist in a surrounding of say supermodel or THOSE celbs functions at say a party of theirs given you are a friend or guest?

SO the limitation could be an enhancement this created by a mind control process (taught in volume 1) that GIVEN this new principle becomes
reflective of things such as: YES I can compete…and should you hesistate in the mind or shy away then you know it has to be cleared or is then going to send that signal to the wrong place!

REMEMBER that your mind sends and receives…if you are sending an uncomfortable message that you are less than anothers beauty then you are creating that…both to your body and higher still to others….remember the process is conscious!

The Sohamahos
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A reflection of union through Omnipresence

Compounding Siddhis For Functionality

Compounding Siddhis For Functionality
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos

In the wake of understanding why you’d want to develop siddhis, it may also be said that you would want to understand first what a siddhi is..

Those guides quite a bit past from what you may have jumped into here recently as uploads on AMAZON through releases as The Sohamahos…but I will share some basics…

A siddhis is NOT something to abuse…or search or drive to get….it is something that is not even necessarily achieved…any may not even be acheived in classic ways…or through even the best system of arrangements….

Generally a siddhi may be or may not even be given by a said “guru” unless that guru has realized self realization and higher still has him or herself become liberated…if these terms appear cryptic then it may be time to go back to earlier writing by Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn and perhaps earlier as Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn.

Generally it was taught through my experience of reading early Kriya and Yoga work that siddhis were important but non essential…the idea to attain if they came, but allow to release or abandon even if you did not acheive liberation…in this way the goal is LIBERATION…so what is liberation?

Liberation is either of three general things here in this earth/possibly universe, but no less than solar system one should generally accept given these three.

  1. Resurrection and immortality the function of dying and coming back after life this ceassing the cycles of reincarnation.
  2. Deathlessness and going on to other systems of NON dying or death….this expressed as light bodies or forms that do not die.
  3. The third would be the achievement of any desire…this a form of liberation as through it you could HAVE, BE or DO any/most any desrious function….it is expressed that you can’t subjugate for sex, wealth or even discipleship BUT the nature of the extension of achievement of any desire is such that I’d agree on some levels since it is valued as a higher process it may be true that you could achieve these functions…at this point though it would appear that one could not be a said achiever of any desire by itself, or that this would be (a primary or initially conditioned siddhi) with a more natural idea that siddhis build and you generally don’t add toward ease or function but climb the ladder to harder skill set…this as the TRUE realization is that you need a clear body, mind and spirit to affect the processes of using siddhis…even through the condition of using herbs, the mixtures mixed incorrectly or not matching the conditions of what you present at the time you take them, even should you understand how to mix…

At this point understand these are limitation…the next system is how to add siddhis…this is this guide…

  1. Imagine a aura healing of a yantra…

The Sohamahos
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A reflection of union through Omnipresence

Madonna’s Newest Domain!

Madonna’s Newest Domain!
Copyright 2018-The Sohamahos

Laugh or cry, piss or shit…Seriously though I will subjugate you and bend you, though don’t need to why?

Source or Godhead that which is Right, Just, and Kind….presented to me that Madonna had a NEW Domain…

The newest swear word….a sexual slang to mean non duality of slut, angel…

Through the use of Hibiscus this word which reflects the nature of suchnness when used both as swearing/slang as well as conditional herb…as a herb used days without washing hair, it induces a nature of “slut” look in both (females and males) young (do test this but should check out) and old…

As a function of slang (and non dual it is) THAT…more than slang or swearing it is peace and calm…

The shit that is snow…the abuse or rape, that is gental and calm…the pedofile that would never look (notice not apprecitate) but even imagine, visualize, idealize or even “contemplate”…..

The bestial that does not even now a human is an animal….

And the slut than can’t even open his or her legs due to chastity…The prostitute than is celebate, and the Madonna that is neither whore, nor sexual deviant….

The angelic form of Madonna more than the sex symbol of what she is, a field that includes this newest word representative of SOURCE for sex and symbolism of non duality…that HIBISCUS…

The Sohamahos
Meaning THAT I AM | Am I THAT
A reflection of union through Omnipresence

The Sohamahos Wins!

Yet again….The Sohamahos shames those who’ve shamed him.

  1. Godself Has Been Realized….those saying there is none…..way obsolete
  2. Spirit Has Been “witnessed” and others HAVE understood
  3. Grammar is intelligent MORE SO….Mike Litman agrees MOVE FORWARD
  4. Success is NOT wealth while WEALTH could be MADE
  5. Immortality MEANS! one of Humanities RARE specification THAT GOES on til end
  6. NO more is NEEDED…unless you think your dogmatic ways are right….then The Sohamahos laughs all the harder!
  7. To think THERE is Absence of INTELLIGENCE that ALLOWS design to SUSTAIN…ah you fool NOTHING short of Jesus being forced to RESURRECT my family as immortals will ALLOW you to become realized. And should you think you can find a way….haha Lucifer will damn you!

Trusting Innate!

Innate Knows….

  1. Healing
  2. Abundance
  3. Partnership
  4. Career
  5. Length Of “life”, time of death and general natures of
  6. Diet Required For….fertility, health, lean form and “function”
  7. How Life Would Be (x,y, z)!

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