Source-Radio WEEK JAN 8th 2023 (MONDAY)


Dua Lipa – New Rules (Official Music Video) – YouTube

If you get under HIM….then you will never get OVER him!

The newest sexual position! OVERLORD…..because OVERLADY is so archaic…..

Because when you look up into her eyes, and see her reach down infront of herself!

That a girl Dua….MAKE SURE to support artist AND ONLY USE their content as best you can when using YOUTUBE. Source-Radio DONATIONS will be put in a PARTLY PORTION given BACK TO THE WEEKLY artists that HAVE BEEN POSTED…ROYALITIES given BACK to ARTISTS where ARTIST have been losing out!

Science Of The Day:

Gallbladder “PATENCY” is helped through supplementing with IDODINE (AKs’ Dr George Goodheart et al.) BUT DO NOTE…the similarities of iodine in THYROID…..which may also mean….PATENCY of FALLOPIAN TUBES through IODINE! something worth investigating!

Wealth Management Tips Today:

What does The Sohamahos know! He knows you spent about $7 dollars a meal today…..and it was probably LESS THAN ideal…..three things…

  1. A one day water fast you’ve heard me say saves about $10-25 dollars a day….if done once a month….that is $120-300 (almost WHAT!!!)
  2. Peoples CABLE bill is more than…..yes is CABLE needed…..THE SOHAMAHOS uses comcast a $30/month service and streams to his SMART TV using APPLETV (the Sohamahos can not yet afford….but why? A $1,000 phone…..but knows some could ) APPLETV on newest APPLE 14 to runs COMCAST TV (CANADA) find PHEONIX in USA a streaming provider like COMCAST… if each MADE PUBLIC or SOLE TECHNIQUE to Int’l THEN more PEOPLE could!

MOTIVATION! like you need that right!


“I Don’t Watch The NEWS! I Make It!

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Your Life Ends….Humanity Will End AD 2023 plus 1,637 YEARS or 3,660 Date Changes….your mind is so friging weak!

Yes it is a play…..yes it is NOT my play…..yes I am a immortal. No….I am not going to prove I will die…Yes I will kill you if you try killing me…yes people will and for centuries DROPPED trying to kill yogis. Nothing short of anything will be done to prevent that.

See greed, glutton, sloth….called the easy route…..would be trying to change a immoveable PLAY… changing a date system……I joke but people are very dumb. Sloth, making the mind weak….glutton making it crave…..greed making it jealous….enter minor sins called STEALING, MURDER and AFFAIRS….which are minor? But…..worse still is not/never changing. So three plans have always been in effect….

  1. Remediation
  2. Ehancements for those that grace
  3. Hells

You May Think You Soul Mate Maters….but often your Soul Mate Is NOT YOUR CONSORT but a Shakti

Think about this….one would want to argue….but less very much less than 0,5% of relationships would likely BE TRUE RELATIONS…..IN Toronto population of some 3 million think that translates to under 7,500 Males and 7,500 Females that ARE TRULY JOINED to the BEST POSSIBLE IN ALL OF time, conditions of space and form. Even at that the odds are such that most relations are in error. See upcoming guides on TRUE TANTRAS.