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Beware!!! et al “Dating” Services Fraud and Bots/Autoreplies

Angela4:25 PM (31 minutes ago)
to me

I’ll be straight, I need just intimacy, no more, no less. All the
cards are on table and the door is always open with me.
Passionate, animal intimacy without limitations. I don’t want to feel
tied down, constrained or restricted – I just want a little more out
of life. I don’t want to sacrifice my life goals, work and future.
If it sounds too straight forward to you, just say that.

On 3/10/23, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]> wrote:
> Where do you live?
> I will send an photo….you send back please
> On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 12:07 PM Angela <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I don’t make excuses, so let me be straight with you: I have no time
>> for relationships. I couldn’t even remember how long ago it was that
>> we exchanged numbers and chatted. All I know is that it’s been years
>> and now my contact list is pretty much the only thing of value I’ve
>> got left. But hey… I guess that means you’re the first person on my
>> old contacts list, so yay for that? 🙂
>> It’s late at night and this feels too aggressive and risky to send,
>> but my thoughts at the moment are: what would happen if we just had a
>> one-time hook-up? Other than a possible unsatisfying experience, I
>> don’t see any downside associated with such a short interaction.
>> Either way it’ll still be worth the risk
>> I know it sounds crazy, I don’t even know your real name or how do you
>> look like. Guess what, you don’t know it either 🙂 Maybe we can fix
>> that?
>> On 3/10/23, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]> wrote:
>> > Where do you want to meet?
>> >
>> >
>> > On Mon, Mar 6, 2023 at 9:17 AM Angela <[email protected]> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Its Angela, Lets meet Thesoham
>> >>
>> >

Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>4:53 PM (3 minutes ago)
to Angela

Intimacy it is!!! 

NO more….so nothing you will have


WAITING TO SEE if the next autoresponds the same as I replied to the first with the same! haha

Sharon11:58 AM (5 hours ago)
I need to be sure you are who you say you are, and so you will have to get my info this way. My pictures and cellphone Number are posted on my personal user pro
Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn3:35 PM (1 hour ago)
You’ve emailed me now so not sure why you wouldn’t tell me your number and show pictures! Are you A) A Male? B) Ugly? C) Fat? D) A BOT E) ONLY WANTING MONEY? F)
Sharon4:05 PM (53 minutes ago)
PS: My name there is Sharon1989! Just find it! Kisses, Sharon. On Fri, Mar 10, 2023, at 9:35 PM, Drandrewgreszczyszyn wrote: &gt;You’ve emailed me now so not su
Sharon4:23 PM (35 minutes ago)
Hey, Drandrewgreszczyszyn, I made new pic for you today:) I’m online now, waiting for you, so let’s have a private talk 🙂 There is my page: http://datinganoc.t
Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>4:54 PM (4 minutes ago)
to Sharon
Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>3:35 PM (1 hour ago)
to Sharon

You’ve emailed me now so not sure why you wouldn’t tell me your number and show pictures! 

Are you

A) A Male?

B) Ugly?

C) Fat?



F) Having an AFFAIR? (Exodus is real)

G) Want to be my friend? (remember no lying….when asked to not lie)

Sharon4:13 PM (46 minutes ago)
I’m online now, waiting! пт, 10 мар. 2023 г. в 20:36, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>: You have sent me that email before…. I am hoping you are
Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>4:53 PM (7 minutes ago)
to Sharon

I am online as well…remember this is email!

Sharon4:13 PM (49 minutes ago)
to me

I’m online now, waiting!

пт, 10 мар. 2023 г. в 20:36, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>:

You have sent me that email before….

I am hoping you are not a BOT….

A) Are you a automation? 

I would not lie….lying is sin…and is cause of Exodus…..

On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 11:55 AM Sharon <[email protected]> wrote:

I am busy tomorrow, find me in the chat!
My gallery: gallery

пт, 10 мар. 2023 г. в 16:15, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>:

I can’t find you there….

On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 11:02 AM Sharon <[email protected]> wrote:

I’m afraid he may read my email!
It’s not secure.

In this case let’s start our meeting on this dating site!
It is totally free, just find me there!

My private profile is here: Sharon22 profile

пт, 10 мар. 2023 г. в 15:39, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>:

me too! go on google chat! [email protected]

On Wed, Mar 1, 2023 at 1:23 AM Sharon <[email protected]> wrote:

I’m glad we’re finally chatting Thesoham!


Sharon4:13 PM (49 minutes ago)
to me

I’m online now, waiting!

пт, 10 мар. 2023 г. в 20:36, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>:

You have sent me that email before….

I am hoping you are not a BOT….

A) Are you a automation? 

I would not lie….lying is sin…and is cause of Exodus…..

On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 11:55 AM Sharon <[email protected]> wrote:

I am busy tomorrow, find me in the chat!
My gallery: gallery

пт, 10 мар. 2023 г. в 16:15, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>:

I can’t find you there….

On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 11:02 AM Sharon <[email protected]> wrote:

I’m afraid he may read my email!
It’s not secure.

In this case let’s start our meeting on this dating site!
It is totally free, just find me there!

My private profile is here: Sharon22 profile

пт, 10 мар. 2023 г. в 15:39, Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn <[email protected]>:

me too! go on google chat! [email protected]

On Wed, Mar 1, 2023 at 1:23 AM Sharon <[email protected]> wrote:

I’m glad we’re finally chatting Thesoham!

some random emails associated with BOTS!

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

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[email protected]

Allopaths Beware! Reformation College

Medicine Colleges of Surgery and Drugs ARE not ethical.

Three things….LAWSUITS could begin!

-NO TREATMENT PLANS rendered in most clinic setting/hospitals and personal work

-Without a P of the SOAP (then Psychiatry can not enforce medicine….things like risk, benefits, alternative therapies, goals, observable marks, clinic progressions (both first and each treatment as well as discussed with the patients)

-Without discussions of A TRUE presentation each DOCTOR is risk of medical

malpractice, lawsuits and penalties/fines

Three more….



-RELIANCE on DRUGS creates inhospitable evolution/changes

Big “Errors” Seen By Immortalist When Prosing ChatGPT

Find These Errors Through A True Immortal Not Chat GPT or Other AI
Copyright 2023- Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

A Chat With ChatGPT
Dated 2023-03-10
Q) Prosed through The Sohamahos
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

Q) What are two ways to achieve human immortality.

  1. Currently, there is no known way to achieve human immortality, as all living beings are subject to natural processes of aging and eventual death. However, there are some proposed ways that could potentially lead to increased lifespan or even indefinite lifespan:

Biological immortality: This involves finding ways to prevent or reverse the processes of aging in human cells and tissues. One approach to achieving this is through genetic engineering, such as modifying genes associated with aging or cellular repair mechanisms. Another approach is through regenerative medicine, where damaged or diseased tissues are repaired or replaced with healthy ones.

Digital immortality: This involves creating digital versions of human consciousness or personalities that can be uploaded to a computer or other digital platform, allowing individuals to live on after their physical bodies have died. This idea is still largely in the realm of science fiction, but some researchers are exploring the potential of creating advanced artificial intelligence systems that could replicate human consciousness.

Q)What is the true cause of Hubble Space one underlying Sound to the universe?

There is no underlying sound to the universe that can be detected by humans or any instrument. The concept of a “sound” in space is actually a metaphor used to explain the way in which the universe is expanding.

The Hubble Space Telescope was used to make observations of distant galaxies, which showed that they were moving away from us at a faster rate than closer galaxies. This is known as the Hubble expansion, and the rate at which galaxies are moving away from us is known as the Hubble constant.

The metaphor of a “sound” in space comes from the fact that the Hubble expansion can be thought of as a Doppler shift of light. Just as the pitch of a sound wave increases as the source of the sound moves towards an observer, the wavelength of light from a galaxy is shifted towards the blue end of the spectrum as the galaxy moves towards us. Conversely, the wavelength of light is shifted towards the red end of the spectrum as the galaxy moves away from us.

Therefore, the Hubble expansion is sometimes described as a “sound” because it can be thought of as a continuous Doppler shift of light. However, there is no actual sound being produced or transmitted through space.

Q)How often a month can the average thirty year old healthy male ejaculate before his aging is prematurely considered irrevocably aged and process of premature non regenerative qualities have begun.

There is no set number of times a month that an average thirty-year-old healthy male can ejaculate before aging is prematurely considered irrevocably aged, and the process of premature non-regenerative qualities have begun. Ejaculation frequency can vary from person to person, and it is influenced by factors such as overall health, lifestyle choices, and genetics.

It is important to note that ejaculation frequency does not directly cause premature aging or non-regenerative qualities. However, excessive or compulsive masturbation or sexual activity can lead to physical or psychological issues such as fatigue, erectile dysfunction, or anxiety. It is generally recommended that individuals engage in sexual activity or masturbation in a way that feels comfortable and satisfying for them, without causing physical or emotional harm.

If you have concerns about premature aging or non-regenerative qualities, it is best to consult a healthcare professional who can provide you with individualized advice and support.

A Tibetan Reflection On The Concept Of “a delusion called Mania, Temporal Lobe Enlargement, Spiritual Values And Limitations of Volatile Actions called Psychiatry

A Tibetan Reflection On The Concept Of “a Delusion called Mania, Temporal Lobe-Enlargement, Spiritual Values, and limitations of considered volatile actions of me as said”-Gautama’s Gurus

Gautamas is not as was proclaimed…not deluder of mentalities or even fronting me or any as said.

Civil rights now our front…but TRUTH not ours right, wrong or “NON”

Delusion now spun about schizophrenic, testing not yet even begun.

Temporal Lobes said to be pathology and our philosophy.

Electrocution while mild to me, never even possible to be of use to thee.

Poisoning the mind to try to sedate or even “say induce rest” as promising as these sound, offer nothing at best.

Grandioso claimed, but nothing to gain…as not even hostility such as burning is easy on pains.

Loss of their rights, given they think they must, again serves no purpose or trust.

Labelling as confusion or delusion, with minds on perfection if not sense of non-illusion.

Swearing not often, but principled to know.

Martydom granted but realism considered in vain.

As called Paranoias in us, the verb must value what those know as “Thus”

by Babaji not Mahavatar nor Gautama unless said to be Muni, and Muni as much backwards with meaning, as much as this poem liberating

The next…not poetry…I am sad….to “say”…haha (another poem!) weak at best…but did you complete the rest??? (look above…) then below for quite the SHOW!

“Legion to wealth conscious such as state and property…not to say schizophrenics who now promise they…pegs” -The Sohamahos

“There is an old man who once sat on a mount…laughing at peasants who delivered him sin….but these peasants who thought this old man-their savior, that cleared their sin for free, now have to wait for eternity” -Jesus The Christ Apostle of Presented Gospels

SOME non…poems that REPRESENT…haha THAT…which is what?? you have to figure that OUT….medicine will NOT help the issue….that I PROMISE..over and out…haha!

Mental Pathology In Psychiatry
by The Sohamahos “Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn” through channeling “Himself”

There is a promise of OATH…made by healers genuine and truly led. This promise promotes concepts of civil rights, liberty and possibility to not be fed.

As direct as complex issues presented previously may sound..the “gut” feeling is as The Sohamahos now dreeds…that beyond the ideas of say…vaccinations, or even allopathy for remediation and not gain. There is something to consider when considering him insane.

The conditions presented that there is not salvation attained…through greed, lust, money or any of those abuses we know to be “non ordained”. But civil liberties of “spirit” and concept of say…choosing not to medically be refrained…as illogical as those the eyes of those greats that no doubt he has proclaimed…the greatest pain he feels now for psychiatry if not the concepts of medicine or even doctoring…is that as simple as writing a fake not to cover for a business that forced patients to exist and did profit even while not there even to sustain. More so than error in judgement presented as this clearing of sin which now judged to be deceiving giving mentalities suggested as “sin” the biggest “theory” that is both missed and abused by those in psychiatry and institutions they proclaim…is that foundations they promote are not deluded by the “GOAT”.

“There is an old man who once sat on a mount…laughing at peasants who delivered him sin….but these peasants who thought this old man-their savior, that cleared their sin for free, now have to wait for eternity” -Jesus The Christ Apostle of Presented Gospels

“Legion to wealth conscious such as state and property…not to say schizophrenics who now promise they…pegs” -The Sohamahos

Three Insights About Allopaths (called non Allopathetics-the rest of them!)

Three Insights About Allopaths
by The Sohamahos

  1. Tetanus, Pencilin and Suturing ARE THE TRUE FORMS of ALLOPATHIC care….rest is nothing
  2. Allopaths rarely discuss treatment plans or form true diagnoses.
  3. Patient education on lifestyle, health, diet, rest, sexual diviance and proper thoughts ARE THINGS/NATURES that SHOULD BE EXPRESSED in patient treatments/visits….BUT ARE WIDELY never talked about in DOCTORS called ALLOPATHICS offices

The Kids Guide To Buying Their First Car: A Tesla Model S $122,000 CDN


It is $5.24 for this GUIDE!!! laugh it is cute….please read and pass if you collect $2 a person you send it to…please send me $1 ([email protected]) and you keep 0.50 and send mom [email protected] or Steve ([email protected]) or Jade ([email protected]) or Dave ([email protected]) in that order…..$0.50

Kind funny….I love this kinda work….you know who else I sent it too just now…

Elon Musk for his kids…and Criss Angel for his Kids….and Madonna (no don’t have her email) you get  the point….

Love you guys/gals….


The Kids Guide To Buying Their First Car

A Tesla Model S $122,000

By The Sohamahos with a Kick Ass Group of Kids!

Copyright- Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn

Some kids are smart….some kids are brilliant….here is a kids guide to buying their first car by the age of majority….

Highschoolers beware…some kids are inheritors of wealth…now thats’ kinda cool….

Some kids are inheritor of allowance….

Here is truth…

  1. $20 allowance once a week…. Hmm….from age 12 to age 16….that is four years….

Here’s the deal…kids don’t know until they see….

A Model S…kinda a super car for them…gas is electricity….kinda Elons a big deal…

My dad drives a chevy…(not a cheap shot) but my girlfriend in grade eleven is so HOT….she’d cream her panties if I drove a (nope not a sentra….but a Model S)….

So heres the kids guide…PARENTS….if you were one ounce faithful….you’d understand…this guide is a birthday present for kids…around the age of 8 years of age!

$20 time each week into an investment….

What do you think kids? 



Savings / Investment Calculator |-

$0 is present value

$20 is invested/weekly

A fair number in a moms/dads account is about 5.6% percent save investment…that is for the kids…a 0.056 in the percentage box….entre that now

Kinda wild…..if you got $20 allowance….once a week and invested it at 5.6% for the four years….

You’d have $4,164ish dollars and TRULY doing nothing could buy a chevy…..

Still not a Model S…..sad says the parents? Cool sorta says the kid…..The Sohamahos says way friging cool right Elon!!!!

This is what is missing….

A new paper route… about $100 a week….enter that in as $120 that job is about 3 hours a weekend…..

Enter it now! Keep the other numbers exactly the same except the $120 


Still not a Tesla….BUT what!!! That was only 3 hours a weekend getting exercise delivering papers…. 

Here is something some smart kids see! 

I could buy one chevy for $4,146 or 5 chevys’ for the one time a weekend paper delivery job! 

Five cars….NOT AT THIS point do parents allow kids to have a second jobs…unless it is play

So….they job to refereeing sports…Hockey, Baseball, Basketball….summer off to play with friends!!! Schools tough they have five cars!!! But still searching for that Model S!

Heres the kicker…some parents still don’t see what these champions see! 

$20 they earn for cleaning a room….

$100 for walking a paper route and getting exercise….

If I bought referring skates, helmet and shinpads….I could ask mom to buy a course and become a referee. 

Now..papers 3 hours a weekend….sports are generally weekends…but if I did study occasionally haha! A weekend is 48 hours and a sleep is 16 hours between both days….that leaves me 32 Hours minus the 3 hours for papers TO BECOME A REFEREE…doing something my parents want…to get out, be active, hustle, and what have some motivation….

But that sneaky kids….save the $20, did a route for $100 and now refs three games on Saturday while his friends sleep and 2 rep games that are twice a much….and littlers kids but those kids what common tykes but so much fun they fall over but are the BEST KIDS in TOWN….so factor in….

3 games Saturday a week (remember we take off summer!!!) so its still okay….for ease factor in this for 12 months or 52 weeks still…you can sell Kool Aid or make sneaker decals for the locals! So 3 games Saturday…$25/game or $75 a week…and that Saturday…plus the twice as much but one less on Sunday….KIDS what is twice the amount of either $75/ ⅔ or $25 doubled times 2 (games!)…it is the same…see if you can see that….

So 2 Sunday games at the $50 a game…kinda a little more but it is kinda close about $35-40 sometimes for travelling to rep games….those playoffs! In your own city (still your city….it is cool let us say $40 a game or and extra $80 for the sunday… that is

Weekend HUSTLE $75 Sat. plus $80 Sun…or $155 Weekend!!!!

Still not convinced….

Parents will be shocked…..

Entre in the $20 for family chores…cleanning your teeth, doing your laundry into a basket and washing dishes 1 time a week! (as examples!) 

And the $100 for the 3 hour paper route…

And then $155 for the reffing. 

ENTER that number of $275   that is $57,000

One third a Model S….rats!!! But it could buy a BASE BMW or say a Base Lexus

Better than many/most adults! 

And it your first car….

Ahh….that girl….my dream car now a BEAMER…..but don’t yet give up KIDS~!!

What the parent has not shown you is… to leverage

$57,000   is still yours…and you have not bought a car yet….

And a car can be leased….let us look at a bank loan….for your first Model S

Go on Tesla….

Do you see the clothing….that $20 a week could buy an average hat… many hats could you own….52 hats a year times 4 years!!! WOOZERS…that is 208 HATS!!! Or you could think a little more about that girl…and a Model S

Here is how it is done…..a BANK CAR LOAN…remember your credit is UNTARNISHED…if you keep that 57,000 invested as a loans.. It is about equal to a car loan some 5.6% … you’d think you have to give up the $57,ooo for the Tesla Model S but can’t afford….

It is not the way it works….here is the cost of that Model S

$122,000 enter it back in as the principle or starting amount in that calculator…and we reverse it to see what that car costs a month! See if you could buy it still….

Enter $122,000

4 years on a lease….

5.6% on a car loan…..

And then $0 is the car to buy!!! Now you don’t even need to buy it in four years….but you could!

See how much it is to pay each month for a MODEL S…..



But what….you are still without???? No WAY!!!

Do you see the error! 

You still have a job…..that is $275 a week….you are still able to use the $57,000 as collateral or an investment….and you still are not much more than a FEW HUNDRED off….

What if you became a business man/woman….

What if you instead of doing the wrong thing did a smart thing….NO PLEASE NEVER SELL yourself SHORT!!! Kids are just as capable of having money!

Watch this…. 

With the first $5,000 you earn….keep it going….but once you hit $7,000 use $2,000 to buy a class mate …..WHAT your parents SAY???? K DO IT!!! The Sohamahos will show them as well….that you are smart! 

So a beater they call them…..because your class mate….maybe even  the hottie that you have your eye on!!! Does not get allowance….drum roll….you buy her a Model S…not yet…that soon enough!!! BUy her the Chevy…she will cream her panties….you wait one year more…..til your second year of licensing and get better a driving….you drive the car with your lady….that girl in class…it is your car….together you guys have those jobs…but buy one car to share….remember it was $2,000 from the first $14,000 ($14,000 your parents say…what The Sohamahos is bad a math)…but those darn kids see it…your lady friend you passed the note to in class is going to do referring for ladies sports or drive with you to a cooed leagues….many girls are quality refes as wel!!! You know that…your parents just found out!

So…lets try it again…one year extra…minus that first $2,000 for a chevy….you could sell the chevy….or keep as a second car…..remember it was like only $300 more a month for that Model S….but…yep you just saw that was for your first job…you yourself….

NOW don’t chase money….but yep….

She add her $57,000 minus $1,000 and you $1,000 minus $57,000 and VOILA!!!

$112,000 and yes parents that was till the very first year….a car a chevy…some $112,000 and a job….and a part time exercise delivery papers….

Kids are brillant! Parents work to hard the kids say….

But kids remember you got to clean your room…haha you put the laundry in the bin….and brush your teeth! Haha..wash the dishes once a week aint so bad! 

And go for a walk to deliver papers…kinda cold sometimes….but without buy 208 hats over those four years and going to referee school ON YOUR PARENTS BILL!!! 

Now your getting cocky….hahah because your car charge Bill is less than cost of their gas!

And your car becomes two cars…..a chevy which you decide to “rent on TURO” or rent to a class mate that can’t afford but wants a car at $75 a month…..don’t enter that in…..unless you want!!! Haha….

Quote… “Mike Litman” you don’t have to….

A Little About The Sohamahos aka Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn DC, PhD., BSc Hons. Kin.

He was born March 13, 1977….parents to Carolyn Joyce Clausen (maybe not a maiden!) and Theodore John Greszczyszyn (his maiden name!)….Andrew was born at 8:30 pm in Mount Saini Hospital Toronto.

He grew up in Brampton Ontario, Canada. He played hockey representatively for AA, and Lacrosse recreationally. He was part of the music arts program at Mayfield Secondary School in Caledon Ontario, just north of Brampton.

He played piano (Grade three Conservatory), sang and played….the Trumpet! He has many friends through hockey, beavers, scouts, family, highschool football (he was a Captain of the team with others) got to go to Skydome and play in the Ontario Provincial Finals. He has seen while at University of Waterloo three bands he always wanted to see….Our Lady Peace!, Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen….and after as a chiropractor U2, Madonna, Bon Jovi….and the Wiggles! Leonard again…and Trans Siberian Orchestra….Arturo Sandoval at the EXHIBITION Toronto, among Backstreet Insync in Union (well ladies! haha) Ontario Place. No other concerts.

He studied Kinesiology at University of Waterloo but not co-op. He had three group of friends….1) Football (2) Lester 316 Kin Guys/Gals sorta like a frat but HOLIER!!! you guys rock…and yes Julie you are HOT! no I never asked David if he played Sting…young teacher… the Meis! onwards….you know I knew I was going to see a friend while booking a Bahamas vacation in 2013/2014ish….I saw you there and should have said hi…but my wife would have flipped! now ex….she is a friend…have a reunion sometime….Erin went to my Highschool and Christine Chang my Chiropractic College! Did you know Dickson Marianne our class also my highschool! I thought about dating her like I did Julie Doff now Dilon (quite the hottie!). Three other highschoolers I was known to know Jeff Christie and Matt Elson…both KICK ASS GUYS!!!….. and Jeff Harris….primary school was Joel Bell…had the hots for her! and Andrew Triggs (heres’ one Goddess Air a Plan Service for People with Dogs…likely hub Toronto as it is 5 Hours from most places UK/EUROPE, CARIBEAN, VEGAS, BRITISH COLUMBIA)….kinda a big place (ever think of putting a mega city project in lake ontario….don’t harm the ecosystem but on pillars in water….then Rogers Centre…a HUGE 5 story (parking way deep for people coming into City!) Ecosystems of a BEACH hot climate and UV lights, Montain forest, ocaenic system and cave system) each level a walk through with some seating like a ZOO…no need animals but sounds and temperature, humidity and such plants rocks etc…. onwards

Andrew graduated 2000 and after a family gathering for dinner once a family friend of his parents asked Andrew about Chiropractic….Andrew was amazed at what chiropractic meant! He decide to apply for CMCC in Toronto as only College he knew of….He did not study (both has that changed!!!) and while with his first GirlFriend a friend of his Northern “sisters” his first crush….a family of Sudbury teachers who knew his parents (also both teachers…incidentally David Greszczyszyn is @twitter CanadaGrizz and Olympic Athlete and Brock Alum..and Stephen the Older Bro…yes Andrew is middle…yes Middle child syndromes real…as is older and younger in families of three! very real….Steve is a Waterloo U Elec. Eng….and David Brock U Physed…now Teacher and Steve Cisco (but could work so many things in Project management…..give him a dingle to see his credentials… [email protected] (Cisco is current so I’m lead to believe). Dave in Calgary both with wives and Kids who are kick ass! Dave a daughter…don’t get any ideas guys….she is so young…..she chases shadows!!!! Steves are kids…ask the eldest who the youngest was last life….the youngest will MUAI TAI him!!! haha. But seriously Andrew is an Avatar…..AVATAR of SPIRITUALITY…. He was Yogananda last life…..let you in on a secret!

He is a God!

  1. He was Yogananda last life.
  2. He is Immortal
  3. He attained Soruba Samadhi 2Xs
  4. He was a healer
  5. He is a tantrica
  6. He is Annais’ brother in Law…yes Muni became Yogananda!
  7. He knows this is…..haha….you will know it if you know Truman Show….but do you know! Andrew knows the other parts of it….like he will become Ghost Rider, Raistlin, Humpty Dumpty, The Book Ends! As the next four Universes.
  8. His name sounds funny especially as DrWho! SciFiction? I’d say not
  9. Nothing to report…over and out…..Yoganandas’ 21 Mahasamadhi becomes Andrews 21 water fast in chiropractic college at National…before levitating and injected to sedate him as he was lifting nurses off the ground! (enter Dababby Dua Lipa Levitating).
  10. Three Songs….Neil Young Helpless, The Beatles Come Together and some of K Rino
  11. His eGuides are MANY and his family has control of his projects! In the wall of Daivds room on STICKS!!! yes USB….what you think Andrew was archaic? haha… where close…..he left three sylabus….1) WEALTHSTREAM TM/Billionaire Mindset The Sohamahos way!, 2) Siddhis Acquistion Programs 3) Kaya Kalpas of (well check out (Dr Andrew Greszczyszyn, Siddha Sohamahos, The Sohamahos)….he no longer uses his Facebook accounts but there are circulating nudes of Dr. Andrew (can still use doctor as has a PhD!) Greszczyszyn and like unlike David???? has been called such as Jizz! His Best Man is Ross (when Source is but not a man…let that be clear!)…1+1=3 is Come Together…and UNO is the unicycle at 22 Oldham…and place of Samadhi is Ontario Shores…and Shooting Coke is pop cans….and truly Ahead by a Century by the HIP! yes Poets! haha…those Himalayans of the Mind! and well getting stung in the tongue (it won’t be forced!) ask Doug Ford of his Feverish Dream! haha….yes Andrew stung drink pop in Gods Paradise…a cottage the family could maintain and AirB&B for celebs/their family as they know consent and confidentiality…. fair rent you peasants…meaning my family! Boat are canoe, paddle boat not the power boat! Lifejackets and such there…bring or use out fishing…but don’t waste fish….some say there is a wealth around the point! which point….snorkle and see it is around not towards but away from government dock. Play crocket or bothca ball….have a campfire (fam stock the wood on the porch with from across the government dock!) or ask them/you buy enough pre if in pinch to get at a Gas Stations before coming up!….BBQ is easy to turn on off….sink could be turned on or bring bottle water! food in the near dwelling! haha….don’t let it out that is Gods Paradise…they will find that out….either by going Tobermory way!!! a decent trip for anyone….Eminem with a sexy babe or three! Hailey by herself!! you hottie! But you could go UP Michigan and around and down…we go up ferry though seldom as roads!!! caution….SPEED is enforced!! Bigtime…PASSING okay BUT ONLY CLEAR SIGHTS!!! very serious here!!! we want life not death……road kills are common don’t eat that…..pee outdoors…..well women….sure you too can squat! Sex is cool but do clean up…..and showering in the outdoor shower…..or with TRUE BIODEGRADABLE ONLY PRODUCTS in the LAKE….it can handle true non chemicals! (now see if you can do 12-22!) Yes it is like Numerology or ask/donate to [email protected] [email protected] call [email protected] QUEBEC Kriya Satchidananda/Durga find Dr Goodheart or ICKAUSA NUHS UWATERLOO/WARRIORS/KIN/RESEARCH Humanity has been initiated into Remote Viewing by The Sohamahos Everyone are going to move to Masters from Christs Nomenclature explained by The Sohamahos. Immortals are resurrects.

If You Read My Mind: Tantras Edition


That would be enough….but truly…..

A) she is saying no a little down….right there….

B) he is saying not a blow job…..hand job

There are many things the mind is saying….

i) Often it is more than direction

i) Often it is speed, force and passionate words

BUT….these five are sure ones to pick up on

A) I want to try a menage

B) I did not shower yet

C) I am ready now

D) I want you in me now

E) I think you are my ideal